Elevated Security Booth SEC-017 (05-128)  

Elevated Security Booth SEC-017 (05-128)

    When a nuclear power generating plant needed to improve it's defensive positions, they turned to Par-Kut International for an elevated Bullet Resistant Enclosure. The security booth was built to NIJ 4 ballistic standards and in addition to climate control and two tone paint; it included Par-Kut's unique two way sliding gun ports. The guard house included four lifting rings in the roof for offloading and crane placement onto the steel tower.

    For longevity, the welded steel tower structure was painted with polyurethane finish paint while the stairs, rails and platforms were hot dip galvanized steel. The security tower itself was 25' tall and the elevation gained above surrounding equipment and out buildings affords the security officers an unobstructed 360 degree view of their area of responsibility.


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