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portable steel buildings
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prefabricated shelter PSO-003
Prefabricated Shelter PSO-003

Par-Kut supplies prefabricated shelters, known as prefab shelters to meet a wide variety of needs and conditions. Whether for sheltering employees, customers, passengers, or equipment, a standard or custom Par-Kut structure can do the job. Rugged welded galvanized steel construction assures many years of dependable service and allows for relocation as needed. Factory installed electrical systems can be expanded from simple light, power and HVAC to include battery back up, solar panels, and preps for low voltage wiring.

Factory assembled prefabricated shelters are often used in industrial settings where prolonged exposure to heat or the elements require an environmentally controlled room for personnel to take a break. It may also be required by code or safety rules such as for truck driver waiting booths at propane and fuel loading docks.

Prefabricated shelters from Par-Kut are a quick and convenient method to provide enclosures for: rescue equipment, protecting parking lot pay machines, covering and providing sound dampening for industrial pumps, and control room equipment and process control pulpits

Although any size shelter is available, 5' x 14' is standard. With or without doors all Par-Kut steel shelters are ADA compliant.

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prefabricated shelter SHLT-012
Prefabricated Shelter


prefabricated shelter IND-004
Prefabricated Shelter


prefab shelter SHLT-008
prefab shelter


prefabricated shelter IND-006
Prefabricated Shelter

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