portable steel buildings
portable steel buildings
prefabricaed office
prefabricated office PSO-005
Prefabricatd Office PSO-005

prefab office 09-163
Prefab Office 09-163

Par-Kut prefab offices (prefabricated steel buildings) have no limitations or constraints. All steel welded construction allows unlimited design styles, shapes, sizes, and the ability of fast relocation. Unlike most panelized units that must be dismantled, Par-Kut units are delivered completely assembled and can be quickly moved with the use of a fork-lift truck or crane utilizing the lift rings in the roof. Every unit can have all the electrical accessories installed as needed. Entire factory installed Electrical System will terminate at the supplied circuit breaker panel. Simple connection of the power supply immediately brings the office to a completely operational status. Par-Kut is prepared to fill all your needs for a personnel office, crane cab, control room, observation booth, smoking booth, or your unique application!

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prefab office IND-007
Prefab Ofice IND-007


prefabricated office PSO-002
Prefabricated Office PSO-002


prefab office PSO-003
Prefab Office PSO-003


prefabricated office PSO-004
Prefabricated Office PSO-004

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